Monday, 10 June 2013

This is our story

This is our story, and we would like to share our story with those interested to know about us.

IMPRA? In some minds, IMPRA might not trigger something. But for those ambitious and passionate about plants, IMPRA might be among your trusted companion in providing your plants with good nutrition. Yes, IMPRA is one trusted brand for fertilizer, more specifically, a multipurpose liquid fertilizer.

What is so special about IMPRA that makes it different from others among its kind? There are thousands and thousands of fertilizer products in the market that makes it difficult to choose between one from another. But trust us, you won’t want to miss this one brand.

Firstly, it easy to use features. IMPRA ‘Home gardening’ is designed for today’s household who always busy but still want to plant as one way to promote healthy lifestyles. With ready-to-use liquid fertilizer, its trigger sprayer and designed for easy holding, you wasted no time to start fertilizing.
Secondly, the quality.  The contents are from top graded base materials containing all the complete nutrients which are vital for your plants growth, fruiting, and flowering.

Thirdly, the results.  The first grade raw materials maximize nutrients absorption resulted in high quality growth and produce for your plants.

So who want to compromise between comfort, quality and end results when choosing a brand? Grab your IMPRA today at the nearest nursery or Giant outlets.